New Site Interface has a new more intuitive, mobile friendly interface. The changes have been progressively rolled out over the last 6 months so if you're a regular user of the site you're probably already familiar with it. 

The Welcome Page
The welcome page of the site has a completely new look. Every hour the background image changes, hopefully giving users wanderlust and more motivation to learn a language.  

Visual Vocabulary Guide

The image based pages have been refreshed. Now whenever a part of an image is referred to, for example the shell of the turtle in the Reptile & Amphibian Vocabulary, it will appear in a circle or shape that has been shaded in such a way that it appears to be floating over the page. Two red buttons appear at the top of the page - the Speaking Challenge and the Listening Challenge. Rather than trying to simply absorb the vocabulary, I encourage you to attempt each page's challenges. If you have activated game mode, you'll also have the chance to earn points and win awards.

Complementary Text Based Vocabulary
Finally the pages with verbs, adjectives and abstract nouns were updated earlier this year - at least the versions for learning  English. You hear a word when you touch or place your cursor over the table rows. As an example check out Laundry Vocabulary. In addition the images where made bigger and verbs are stored in green rectangles with curved corners and nouns in blue tables with perpendicular corners.

Translations Help Needed

With the new interface additions, we need your help with translations. Please select the language you'd like to translate to and then click on the Site interface tab.  You can login using either Facebook or language guide. Thank you. 


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