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Dutch Guide

The Dutch guide   has been published. Translated by volunteers, the voices are all of volunteers as well. Anne-Marie Ozaki is a teacher at NTC Houston. NTC Houston stands for “Nederlandse Taal en Cultuur Houston” or Dutch Language and Culture Houston. You can hear her voice on Het Lichaam (The Body) , Het Lichaam II (The Body II) , Herenkleding (Men's Clothing) , Groenten (Vegetables) , Boerderijdieren (Farm Animals) , and Kleuren (Colors)  Her voice was recorded by her husband, Michio Ozaki, in their home recording studio.  Anne-Marie Ozaki and Michio Ozaki You can hear the voice of Cees van der Linden on Getallen (Numbers), Het Gezicht (The Face) , Fruit (Fruit) , Huisdieren (Pets) , Vogels (Birds) , Reptielen & AmfibieĆ«n (Reptiles & Amphibians) , and Zeedieren (Sea Animals) . You can hear the voice of Marion van Dijk on Zoogdieren (Mammals) , Afrikaanse Dieren (African Animals), and Insecten (Insects) . Cees van der Linden is a resident of Los Angeles and