Latest Developments in 2022

    When viewing pictorial guide pages on desktop size screen, the images now automatically reposition themselves to best take advantage of the available screen size: (for example L'espace in the French vocabulary guide or Space in the English vocabulary guide) The French vocabulary and French grammar guides went through additional rounds of review by native speakers, as well as the German , Spanish , Italian , and Portuguese vocabulary guides. In most cases two separate native speakers reviewed content which is helpful in identifying regional variants . Some technical issues affecting the Speaking Challenge were fixed as well as issues in which words or images had no audio. The expectation is that the guides be reference quality and everything should have audio. If you notice anything that seems amiss, feel free to write Tom at . The Spanish , Italian , Portuguese and English UK vocabulary guides were expanded.

Voice Recognition and the Speaking Challenge

The 'Speech Challenge' now supports voice recognition on Google Chrome although it's not yet supported on IOS. Go to an interactive picture page such as insects , one of my favorites. (ou  les insects pour les étudiants de français),  After clicking on the 'Speech Challenge' button, click on the microphone toggle on the top bar, and confirm that you wish to use the microphone. Say the name of the selected insect! Upon hearing your voice, the correct word is uttered allowing you to make a quick comparison of pronunciation and word choice. Interacting  with the page this way is a lot more fun than clicking on the page or play button. Please let me know if you experience any issues or see other problems since quite a few changes were made to the scripts.

les tâches / chores

One of the objectives of the vocabulary guides is to help you become an expert in particular domains. Several years ago when I was living in France, I found that I was totally at ease conversing about certain topics, but really struggled talking about chores and housekeeping with my French roommate.  The housekeeping pages on the French Vocabulary guide were the fruit of these vocabulary struggles:  " la buanderie " (the French version of the Utility Room), Messes , Chores , and the Laundry . If you learn the vocabulary on these pages you'll be able to describe messes, cleaning and chores with sophisticated, precise vocabulary.  There are also versions for people learning English. Go to the English vocabulary guide, select your native language in the upper left hand corner, and go to the Home section.

French Vocabulary interface Updated

The interface for the French complimentary vocabulary pages have been updated. Feminine adjectives now appear in a pink rectangle to the right of the masculine adjective.

New Version of Hindi guide

A new Hindi vocabulary guide is available.

New Site Interface

Image  has a new more intuitive, mobile friendly interface. The changes have been progressively rolled out over the last 6 months so if you're a regular user of the site you're probably already familiar with it.  The Welcome Page The welcome page of the site has a completely new look. Every hour the background image changes, hopefully giving users wanderlust and more motivation to learn a language.   Visual Vocabulary Guide The image based pages have been refreshed. Now whenever a part of an image is referred to, for example the shell of the turtle in the Reptile & Amphibian Vocabulary , it will appear in a circle or shape that has been shaded in such a way that it appears to be floating over the page. Two red buttons appear at the top of the page - the Speaking Challenge and the Listening Challenge. Rather than trying to simply absorb the vocabulary, I encourage you to attempt each page's challenges. If you have activated game mode , you&

English Language Guide - The App

A version of the pictorial vocabulary guide for learning English is now available as a free IOS and Android app . The app includes a 'game' which will soon be integrated into  and the interface has been revamped to be mobile friendly. More languages will be available as apps in the months to come.