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A Parisian in Texas

This week I recorded Patrick Rech, a volunteer from France. You can hear his voice h e r e . Patrick is a former Parisian who now lives in the United States. As an American who came close to settling in France, and who has a great appreciation for life in France (the 35 hour work week, long vacations, affordable health-care, shared bicycles, good public transportation, markets in the city square) it was really interesting to talk to someone who chose life in the US. Patrick appreciates the entrepreneurial friendly climate, the can-do attitude, and enjoys the more expansive personal space that the more spread out American cities allow. (Part of this decision to stay might have been influenced by that American women love his french accent) In the end I think that both societies have something to offer. Cette semaine, j'ai enregistré Patrick Rech, un bénévole français. Vous pouvez entendre sa voix ici. Patrick est un ancien parisien qui habite maintenant aux États-Unis. En tant qu’