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Interactivity with SVG

If you're using a browser that supports SVG  ( IE 9 ,  chrome , firefox, safari), you'll notice new features on the body page ( English body , French body , Russian body , Mandarin body , Japanese body ) and face page ( English face , French face , Russian face , German face , Italian face ). When you place your cursor over a red circle, the portion of the body that is being referred to is outlined. (The effect is most visually appealing in google chrome due to it's great support for SVG filters.)  You can choose the level of difficulty that you prefer using a drop down menu that's next to the options menu. On the body page if you choose an intermediate difficulty, the red circles that refer to the names of individual fingers, the hamstring and shoulder blade disappear. If you choose the beginning difficulty level, you can focus on words like arm, leg, hand, and head. When doing a quiz, you'll only be quizzed on the words that correspond to your chosen difficulty.

Spanish of Mexico Guide

A portion of the new Spanish of Mexico vocabulary guide is now available. This past winter I travelled to Morelia, Mexico and did most of the recordings there. (Thankfully the  narco siege  was over.) Paula One of the voices you hear is that of Paula, a teacher at the Baden Powel Institute , a Spanish school in Morelia. You can hear her voice h e r e . You can also hear my good friend Romelia Núñez Juárez h e r e. Romy is a doctor that works for la cruz roja. Katia Finally there is Kathia Jemal who is originally from Morelia but currently works in an art gallery in San Antonio. You can hear her voice h e r e .