Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dutch Guide

The Dutch guide  has been published. Translated by volunteers, the voices are all of volunteers as well.

Anne-Marie Ozaki is a teacher at NTC Houston. NTC Houston stands for “Nederlandse Taal en Cultuur Houston” or Dutch Language and Culture Houston. You can hear her voice on Het Lichaam (The Body), Het Lichaam II (The Body II), Herenkleding (Men's Clothing), Groenten (Vegetables), Boerderijdieren (Farm Animals), and Kleuren (Colors) Her voice was recorded by her husband, Michio Ozaki, in their home recording studio. 
Anne-Marie Ozaki and Michio Ozaki
You can hear the voice of Cees van der Linden on Getallen (Numbers), Het Gezicht (The Face), Fruit (Fruit), Huisdieren (Pets), Vogels (Birds), Reptielen & Amfibieën (Reptiles & Amphibians), and Zeedieren (Sea Animals). You can hear the voice of Marion van Dijk on Zoogdieren (Mammals), Afrikaanse Dieren (African Animals), and Insecten (Insects).

Cees van der Linden is a resident of Los Angeles and Marion van Dijk is a resident of the Netherlands. They have a business together,, through which they provide translations and voice-overs in Dutch. They used their recording facilities to record the audio.

 Cees van der Linden
Marion van Dijk


  1. Thanks Tom,
    it was great to work with you and if you are ever in need again, please let us know!
    We wish you all the success and happiness in life and business!
    Cees & Marion

  2. I am an ESL teacher in Los Angeles and wante to thank you for your fantastic site. I have many immigrant students that need basic vocabulary and pronunciation help. I always refer them to your site for self study. Most of my students are struggling financially and the fact that your site is free is a blessing for them and their families. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for releasing this great resource!

  4. Tom
    It's a great tool your excellent site for learners all over the world. Thank you!

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