Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spanish of Mexico Guide

A portion of the new Spanish of Mexico vocabulary guide is now available. This past winter I travelled to Morelia, Mexico and did most of the recordings there. (Thankfully the narco siege was over.)

One of the voices you hear is that of Paula, a teacher at the Baden Powel Institute, a Spanish school in Morelia. You can hear her voice here.

You can also hear my good friend Romelia Núñez Juárez here. Romy is a doctor that works for la cruz roja.
Finally there is Kathia Jemal who is originally from Morelia but currently works in an art gallery in San Antonio. You can hear her voice here.


  1. I never realized how much the Spanish accent can change. Currently I am learning Spanish with a tutor from Colombia and she sounds totally different. still it is good to get versed in all accents of Spanish I guess.

  2. Hola Cynthia.

    Así es, idioma español tiene muchos acentos incluso dentro de un mísmo país como México. Yo soy mexicano y conozco por lo menos cuatro acentos: el norteño, el costeño, el yucateco y el chilango (de los barrios del Distrito Federal). Sín embargo, puedo entenderlos todos. Lo que en realidad cambia son algunas frases coloquiales.