Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Add Your Language

Last week languageguide.org's hard drive crashed. I happened to be traveling in central France and when I returned to my apartment in Paris the router was dead. As a result getting the site up again has been a challenge. I've been working from coffee houses, libraries, and "la mairie du 10e".

Unfortunately, I don't have a backup of the sounds files for most of the languages at my current location. They're on a DVD back in the US. Rather than get those old guides running again, I would prefer that we make a push to get the new versions of those guides translated and published. These new versions are in the mode of the French and English guides with additional enhancements coming soon and you can participate in the creation of these guides on the add your language page.

P.S. I'm implementing a better backup and recovery strategy to prevent this from occurring again.


  1. Hi,

    I thought your site was dead. In a way, I suppose I was right. I am glad you still there. It does not matter how long the waiting, as long as your site is still alive and kicking!
    If you still need French help as I am bilingual, please let me know.


  2. Mahalo nui, e Kumu Tomas...
    He mea waiwai nui palena 'ole keia wahi punaewele. Mahalo wau i kou hana e ho'ola'a 'ia i ua wahi kupaianaha nei.

    Kumu Keahi

    (Thanks a bunch, "Teacher" Thomas...
    This website is hugely valuable. I appreciate your altruistic efforts for this amazing site.

    "Teacher" Keahi

  3. Thank you for your website

    Being a beginner in French, it's so awesome to find a website that reads the alphabet and numbers so clearly!

    I hope you will find more audio for the online reading. I really enjoy listening to those as well.

    Merci Beaucoup =)

  4. It is too bad that you lost some of your files in the crash, I back all of mine up to one of those $100 USB drives, I would be lost without my French class lessons.

  5. oh no
    the languages that I use are french and japanese
    the japanese one was so helpful
    I hope you can put the sounds back once you are back home
    thank you everything

  6. Hi, I want thank you one more time for this beautiful support. I'm very sorry about happened. I helped the site with some words in portuguese, but I couldn't make the sound. Can I help you? There is a time prevision when it'll be there?

  7. I have just found this site and it is SUPERB. I live in Wales and speak Welsh as my first language. This site would be a Godsend for assisting in getting non-welsh speakers to learn the Welsh words and to hear the Welsh pronunciation.
    Richard Williams

  8. i love this website very much. i learn french from there in the beginning. it is really useful for me when travel in paris and meet french friends. thank you very much! however, i found the page of geeting (in french) is missing again :( i recommend it to lots of my friends who are interesting in learning french. is it possible to get section of "greeting" back? thank you very much! cathy

  9. This site is so great and I ask ALLAH to bless every body participates in this site to spread knowledge i'm so happy with this site and i suggest to add Turkish language because i need to learn it from this great site